Letter to my sister

Dead city,
castle of dust by the sea,
where slaves,
dig their graves,
there was a girl,
who wanted to be more than a caged pearl,
she wanted love,
she wanted what’s above,
she wanted to be mature,
she wanted to discover nature,
she wanted knowledge,
she wanted an allegiance to pledge,
and as she always had attitude,
she decided to ellude,
from the dull life,
from the dream that wouldn’t arrive,
if she didn’t dare,
to disturb the ignorance that people share.
She crossed the holy water,
she became painter,
a pianist,
an artist,
she was happy,
she did find her almighty,
but pity brought her back to earth,
suffering was always giving birth,
evil ruling alone,
old people drinking in a bar of stone,
one last time,
with the remaining dime.
when you look through day and night,
everything is so bright,
so what is this enemy,
that we cannot see ?
helping them ? of course she wanted to,
but she doesn’t know what to do,
I wish I was by her side,
and with pride,
show her the light she carries,
in her wounds and injuries.
I wish I could,
and I think I should,
tell her that when it is all dark,
her eyes still spark.

Thilleli G.


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