Because they don’t understand

Hausa tongue,
Maafe burning your throat,
you wanted to play soccer
but they told you that,
Your shadow, barefoot,
wants to meet you in a cotton field.
Black, they said.

Reading from right to left,
wisely thanking God for bread,
while the fake ones were on the news
They told Julie, Marie and Jean,
to give up on you.
Muslim, they said.

Walking on water,
not to impress people,
just a pursuit of hope,
You are too many,
a sin in every breath,
we can’t.
Refugee, they said.

And you? You are not even a man.
Soft sex,
second sex.
because there is no equality,
you’ll seek superiority,
they will call you crazy.
Woman, they said.

But God,
Aren’t you just a masterpiece,
that no one understands ?

Thilleli G.


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