Under the sun, we burnt.

Red sea,
Under the sun,
we burnt.
I chose to save my life,
but they knew,
they were my life.
Or at least,
they were the only truth I knew,
they have difficult names,
and bright faces,
that don’t allow me to lie.
We gathered the stones,
thrown at us,
and we built a castle.
I know them best,
and I write about them.
I’d gladly go to hell,
I know I will find them.

[ to Alaa, Malak, Rusol, Joudi, Lama, Lilia, Fatma and Sana. To Akram, Adnane, Iyed, Fares, Steven, Ahmed, Hossam, Najm, Khaldoun and Serage ]

Thilleli G.


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