Sayed Bakry Street

Came across your name between lines

Girl, you even made it to headlines

To the world you gave your middle finger

The rebel you, made my heart weaker

I didn’t want to hear about you

I wanted to hear from you

I said “hi ,

You’re so fly”

And even if your friend said it was early

You texted back directly

We met and had Om ali

Kind of pudding in Araby

I didn’t care about the cost

We got into Tuk-Tuks and got lost

Far from my any other

Like a church father

You saw me cry

Late at night

Saw me smile

from rooftops height

saw me scared

saw me understand

that all this time

you weren’t next to me

but in fact

you gave me space

and let me be

what I was meant to be


( To Cairo, with love)

Thilleli G


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