Every Algerian Thing

1. To create a specific word ” Essab ” to cast out cats.( only for a cat , not a dog, that doesn’t work).
9. Raï Music.
101. Albert Camus.

I put my thumb up and a cab stopped. The typical Egyptian driver fixed his typical Egyptian moustaches and asked me about the destination. I told him that we have to go to Zamalek, my favorite district in Cairo.

15. To say that you have the facial expression of a Nike AirMax shoe.

After long minutes of silence, the driver asks me ” where are you from ?” And because I don’t want to tell him that I am Algerian, I just answered ” Zagazig” ( an egyptian city in lower Egypt). I also used the family name of my friend to make it credible. Weirdly, the driver comes from the same family but luckily, we arrived to destination before he could ask further question.

23. To make a cheat sheet using quid paper.
25. To have 20 types of Couscous.

People who have the chance to hang out in Zamalek would understand : every step you make while walking there, seems to hold a note of flute, a smell of shisha and words from Alaa Al Aswany.

39. To tell your kid that you are going to slap him until he stinks ( *laugh* , that never happens).

I stopped by ‘Sufi’. It is a café/bookshop. The rooms are painted in blue, purple and green, with Rumi’s quotes on them. As I was waiting for my turn to order, a group of Canadians sat next to me. Sufi is always crowded and you are lucky if you find a place.

41. To have a better CovFefe no matter what the hell it means.

We have talked about peace and love and Trudeau ( because he is sexy ) and then they asked me ” where are you from?” . ” Algeria” I said. Of course, they asked me to tell them about it.

45. The surface of Adrar + Tamanrasset is 1,5 times bigger than France’s area.

I always found this question challenging. I don’t know how to treat it. Should I talk about the coexistence of Berbers and Arabs ? About the war against France? About the Ottoman rule? About fighting terrorism ?
Then an idea came to my mind … why don’t I just list every Algerian thing ? Every good, bad, normal, unique and weird Algerian thing ? Every thing Algerian encounter or talk about ? In fact, what is worth being Algerian for ?

75. To take advantage of your old grandMa and tell her that you need money to buy an ‘ adjective/verb/adverb’ for class.
76. Just like everyone, to be at the beach and pee in the water.
83. To have the tombstone of Cléopâtre Séléné, daughter of Marc Antoine and Cleopatre.
85. To be colonized for 132 years , with more that 1,5 million death.
86. To survive ‘ the war of sand ‘.
96. To use olive oil for everything.
97. Not to trust ‘ Ennahar TV ‘ even when they shoot at your house.
105. Tahar Djaout.
106. 106 is actually a nickname given for gay people in Algeria.
107. Mohamed Dib.
234. To say that you will drown if I spit on you.
235. To stand by the side of any country asking for independence.
236. To host Nelson Mandela, Castro and Ché Guevara.

I hope that sharing this story with you, helped you know a bit more about Algeria.
Much Love.

Thilleli G.


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