You see love as survival,
and survival doesn’t exist,
if you do not run.

So you run.
You escape.
You swallow your words.

Your body shrinks.
You are easier to carry
for your lover’s heart.

You can now take a picture
of her, of you
wearing the man she wanted.

Your soul
celebrates its death,
and starts singing.

Don’t shut it.
Why are you afraid
of the past ?

Afraid of who you
were and your body ?
Oh, they didn’t tell you…

Boy, your body is amazing.
Your body can actually change
world’s history.

Ask Adam about Eve.
Ask your father about that girl.
Ask your mother’s bones
that you took for home.

Your cells are a rebellion.

a rebellion against
what people say and the time
that runs away.


[ To : Z ]

Thilleli G.


عن الحياة

أجمل الأزهاروُجِدت بالمقابر
أجمل امرأة ترعرعت في الأطلال
أجمل القصص أُلقيت بالمتاحف

الصمت أكثر من غياب
إنما الصمت هو حياة تطلب المغفرة
و ليس للغفران ذنب



Picture taken by : B. Ala’abed

Thilleli G.