Drunk Texts

I know what you’re gonna say
‘you could have canceled the ride’
but then again, it was not my account
besides my breath was already filling the car

The driver slams the brakes
and I contemplate the neonlights
letters, illuminating street cats
dancing on the choked sound of the pub.

Dash of grenadine, orange juice,
ice cubes and Jagermeister
I start feeling that tickle,
that fracture in my words.

Liquor stained fingers,
whom do you drunk text tonight ?
Can I talk to God, say that
‘I was thinking about him’

See we are meant to carry
things that weight us down
and when I lift my body
I just realize you are everywhere.

It feels that,
sometimes, somewhere,
I’m a part of


Thilleli G.



I used to master apologies.
I was fluent in being sorry,
sorry to be what their money can’t get.
till my soul forgot its beginning.

Who breaks his back
to hold you tight
when you become a question mark ?


Thilleli G.