I’m better

Nah, ain’t writing about you
Art will never be a thing for you.
I’m just spitting a truth
justice to my youth

Rue des Artistes, just a bit more Egyptian
circus of life, bumped into a magician
We need a beat: Snare, kick , high hat
and the death of the bunny in your hat
Something I should have known
but you said we should only care for the crown.

thought it is the one, peaces
tore me into two pieces
No more bright stars
just deep scars
Every smile frontstage
was a lie backstage
your friends clapping in the first row
You, happy , take a bow

But baby, mama raised a scorpio
you gonna learn how to dance the tango
and you won’t know your loss
until the curtains close
and you’ll think you’re a blackhole ready to swallow
until I end that show.


Thilleli G.


Little girl

We walked for hours
on dull lands.
We took the elevator
and reached a rooftop.
People drink cheap,
smoke fast and ask about you,
but little girl forgot
so little girl lies.
She sits,
folded in the waist
like a piece of paper,
takes a quote from the book
she read,
imagines your essence
and smiles…
Forever looking for the lap
I grew in,
like a thread of water
forever looks at its source.


Thilleli G.

Lost soul of the unknown soldier

They say that
If you kill a man
You are a criminal.
But you, you are a Goddess
For you killed them all.

They love you,
But loving you
Is like war,
Rough and you escape,
You walk in empty space.

The sun is too harsh
For your naked body
Dancing on
Sand and

Drops of ‘La vie en rose’
To sweeten
The black thoughts
Hidden under
Your colorful hair.

You only respond
To one call
Run wild
Live free
Save the child.

[ To : JS ]

Thilleli G.


What if

What if
you fell in love,
and what if
this love hurt you,
and what if
in your wound
you found the light
and went into the wood,
and under the night sky,
hearing the rhapsody about you,
you fell in love with yourself,
for you are beautiful,
for you are, true.

[ To : K ]

Thilleli G.

Last Tango in Paris

Young and fool,
I hated you for what you did do,
I hated you for what you didn’t do,
no real ground for that,
I mean,
we all have a piano in the living room,
with nobody playing.
Now I’m old like an eastern wine,
and I don’t have time,
now i wish people asked me about you,
so I’d tell them how the slave became king.
would you share my last tango in Paris?
would you help me be the dust
on the land of my daughters,
and their daughters,
because you are the past
and the future.
You are everywhere.

Thilleli G.

Under the sun, we burnt.

Red sea,
Under the sun,
we burnt.
I chose to save my life,
but they knew,
they were my life.
Or at least,
they were the only truth I knew,
they have difficult names,
and bright faces,
that don’t allow me to lie.
We gathered the stones,
thrown at us,
and we built a castle.
I know them best,
and I write about them.
I’d gladly go to hell,
I know I will find them.

[ to Alaa, Malak, Rusol, Joudi, Lama, Lilia, Fatma and Sana. To Akram, Adnane, Iyed, Fares, Steven, Ahmed, Hossam, Najm, Khaldoun and Serage ]

Thilleli G.

Pianist in the dark

D minor.
You were playing “Sarabande”.
I watched your fingers running on the piano,
sometimes I think you have your mom’s hands.
sometimes I think you have your dad’s hands.
you are the only place where they are
still together.
Then you asked me to switch off the light,
saying that light is to be thrown in dark times
while tonight is not dark,
it is never fully dark when you are with someone you love.
So I switched off the light,
Souvenirs of honey lemon in my mouth
I wish you goodnight
and you quickly close your eyes,
as if the dreams,
were more beautiful than the current world
guess your eyes have seen a lot,
but still, you are giving without expecting,
just like the sun gives to the earth,

[ To Amel ]

Thilleli G.

Truth from the land of chaos

My head on your chest,
I could hear your heart,
hear the depth of your soul,
a love song,
that would stop my world.

Then one day,
there was no sound, no heart,
just an unbearable void,
that I wanted to fill,
I looked everywhere, in vain.

But, in the silence I found,
the smile, the smell,
the laughter and some other tales.
It made my world,
spin, swirl, again.

I guess love,
is like water,
carries life and death,
but still finds its way,
through any land.

[ to Mom ]

Thilleli G.

Letter to my sister

Dead city,
castle of dust by the sea,
where slaves,
dig their graves,
there was a girl,
who wanted to be more than a caged pearl,
she wanted love,
she wanted what’s above,
she wanted to be mature,
she wanted to discover nature,
she wanted knowledge,
she wanted an allegiance to pledge,
and as she always had attitude,
she decided to ellude,
from the dull life,
from the dream that wouldn’t arrive,
if she didn’t dare,
to disturb the ignorance that people share.
She crossed the holy water,
she became painter,
a pianist,
an artist,
she was happy,
she did find her almighty,
but pity brought her back to earth,
suffering was always giving birth,
evil ruling alone,
old people drinking in a bar of stone,
one last time,
with the remaining dime.
when you look through day and night,
everything is so bright,
so what is this enemy,
that we cannot see ?
helping them ? of course she wanted to,
but she doesn’t know what to do,
I wish I was by her side,
and with pride,
show her the light she carries,
in her wounds and injuries.
I wish I could,
and I think I should,
tell her that when it is all dark,
her eyes still spark.

Thilleli G.