Geography of Paradox

November was crual,
I fell in love,
but loving you is like going to war,
I lost myself.

In the hyphenated land
of Mohammad Al Amin
and St. George,
I lost myself.

In her arms,
mistress of the east,
mistress of the west,
I lost myself.

In the unbearable beauty of
your heavenly streets
and your highways to hell
I lost myself.

[ To Beirut, with love ]

Thilleli G.

Absolut and drunk Jack

Friday night
Knock off work
put your mom’s lipstick
he is waiting
“be quick” you think

Gin and Tonic water
you are an ocean, he said
huge, secret and beautiful
other women are just rivers
they can’t compete

Vodka and Orange Juice
But he wants to be
the only boat sailing
he wants you to be calm
more disciplined

Rhum and Coke
and you tried
admit it, to
corrupt the flow of the water
so he can follow

Tequila and Honey
but even if you try
he likes discovering
skies and continents
what can you do?

Lick the slice of Lemon
truth is bitter
let him leave
you have a whole
underworld to conquer.

Thilleli G.

Marina Beach

Strange things happen sometimes
you know.
Sometimes you go to a Bar,
or a theater,
and you sit next to people
you don’t know,
yet you are ready to spend
few minutes with them,
Unconscious my tongue
took one trip to my
and pronounced your name…
It felt like a dream
two kids
getting back to sweet sixteen
watching the city die
on the beat of ‘Renegades’
turning round and round
putting in motion
the cloud line and
the fragments of innocence.

Thilleli G.

Biography of Loneliness

I arrived last week

and I tasted the unceasing rain

which only today

started to clear

over the grey land

and I’m using this

moment of brightness

to tell you

to tell you that

the museum atmosphere

I breathe

makes me shrink

my hands can only grasp

the silence in which

I was born.


Thilleli G.

Lost soul of the unknown soldier

They say that
If you kill a man
You are a criminal.
But you, you are a Goddess
For you killed them all.

They love you,
But loving you
Is like war,
Rough and you escape,
You walk in empty space.

The sun is too harsh
For your naked body
Dancing on
Sand and

Drops of ‘La vie en rose’
To sweeten
The black thoughts
Hidden under
Your colorful hair.

You only respond
To one call
Run wild
Live free
Save the child.

[ To : JS ]

Thilleli G.


If you forget

Broken night
And falling stars
Uncertain candle light
Cold coffee aside
oil leaking
Brushes cursing
Flaws blown by the wind
And after years
It is ready
It is here
You are not to be
Not to be owned
By amateurs
You should just be admired
Cause you are the best paint
God ever made.

Thilleli G.

Ya 9asba Ya 9asba

El Djama3,
El me3bad,
El knissa,
hadek echi makench mohim,
elli kan yaham
howa 7eb ellah
fi wast eddar
fi ellemsa nte3 el 3oud,
fi 7ebat el baqlawa,
li djay m3a zgharid ensa,
w ri7at edokhane
fi yed echikh baba
akid tol 7yati nechfa,
ya 9asba ya 9asba
ghir nti li ta3arfi le7kaya

Thilleli G.

What if

What if
you fell in love,
and what if
this love hurt you,
and what if
in your wound
you found the light
and went into the wood,
and under the night sky,
hearing the rhapsody about you,
you fell in love with yourself,
for you are beautiful,
for you are, true.

[ To : K ]

Thilleli G.

Atlas of God

Bought this map from Ikea
and hung it on the wall
where is the God they are talking about ?
The map said :
” The flowers under the ruins of the citadel
and the soft rain of May
Be the graveyard of your beliefs
the cradle of the truth
go out
you’ll find God” .

Thilleli G.